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Chris Yates

Chris started on his journey in music back in the early 80's when breakdance hit the UK. He loved the dance aspect aswell as the music and when he heard the album Electro 5 from street sounds he was catapulted into a world of music, and a genre that would last forever. At the age of 16 Chris begged, borrowed and stole to get his first set of 1210's. From there Chris started cutting his teeth in Djing 80's and 90's house music. Djing local party's and events and eventually going onto bigger clubs across london for Sarlin entertainments. This is when he realised that he preferred to be infront of the decks rather then behind them, as he prefers to be in the shadows. That's when he got into producing the music he loves today. After working in a band that wasn't really working out for him, Chris decided to go on his own and that's where RE-AB productions was born. RE-AB is a collaboration of artists. We are the RE-AB family and all are welcome.

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