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Cloud Lane’s life has always been immersed in music, so his eventual choice to be a DJ and record producer is unsurprising. At age 30, he began producing Psytrance and his name changed – along with his life - to Cloud, his DJ moniker. Consumed by this amazing genre, he shut the world out more or less, giving up on normal life for the next 2 years as he pursued his dream. ''I became obsessive about creating a sound that was personal to me”, he says. ''I wanted to create my own flavor, a backbone from which I could build my own subgenre of Psy.'' Two years after starting this journey, he's released through PsyWorld, Hypnotic Funktion, Monkey Forest, Boomtic, & Let It Out Records. He’s also accrued quite the growing fan-base, drawn to his very unique, ever changing Psy-vibes. From the iconic free party scene of Britain with the Psychedelic Way & in Swansea, Wales at Creature Sound, he’s dedicated to bringing you the best Psytrance experience possible.

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