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Signed to Mix Artist Management and with a performing DJ career spanning over two decades and playing events such as the iconic BIONIC, MANUMISSION, GATECRASHER and MINISTRY OF SOUND,LOGIC FESTIVAL,UTOPIA and UPLODE FEST Drago is still smashing the scene.
Riping up dance floors with his passsion that is reverse bass and supporting dj's such as CALLY, Mark E.G., ED ET and DTR, JOEY RIOT and Nicky Black Market to name a few
Performing as a solo artist, Drago is a multi genre DJ smashing sounds from Ragga Jungle, full on Goa Psytrance, Acid Techno, Hard dance/Trance, Hardstyle and Hardcore and is resident at the well established dnb event ARMAGEDDON and HILLBILLY SOUNDZ and now an official dj for the D1SRUPT1ON AGENTS (TDA) based in Wrexham, Nort Wales as well as becoming an OFFICIAL UPLODE/MAFA DJ.
This guy is truly passionate about his sound

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