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Jimmy started out as a vinyl DJ playing Trance and Acid Breaks in the early 90's. Everything changed when he discovered Techno thanks to BWPT at Die Hard's nights at the Die Electric Club in Leicester, where they used to host the Basement Techno room. He's been creating fucked up Techno since 1999 when he got bored of trying to find new and interesting Techno to play out and decided to make his own instead. Since then, Jimmy has played his mashed up mix of meaty beats and screaming synths alonside techno legends Peter North, Jeff Amadeus, Chris Liberator, Andreas Kraemer Tannith and Rhythm Logistics at nights such as Keep Bristol Techno, System Feedback and more recently Fantazia. With a list of releases as long as your arm on labels such as Filth Infatuated Digital, Urban Chaos Records, 303 Alliance Digital and the Mighty Bubblejam Gold and being a regular face on the Techno scene in the Southwest and Wales, Jimmy has a reputation for playing hard storming sets that get the crowd rocking and leaving them wondering what the fuck just happened! Bookings at;

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