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Man of mystery, was born in the Kingswood branch of Weatherspoons. He spent his early years carving small figurines of characters from the movie Road House on a llama farm, which is where he intends to retire once the gout reaches his armpits. He has gone by many names over the years, Mark, Pierrot, Saxon Wolfcock, ect. In a strange twist of fate (and science) he can only survive on a diet of pot noodles, which he is also highly allergic to. This led the the infamous "toilet gate" where plans to live stream a question and answer session on his hardware setup were abandoned when a pot noodle fueled turd destroyed not only the shitter, but also the floor supporting it. Mark is the first member of his family to attend clown college, commuting in a Robin Reliant along with the rest of the class, the teacher, 16 howler monkeys, and the ghost of Bob Ross. Who knows what the future holds for Mark? One thing is for sure though, after the incident at the pet shop with the hamsters and Iain Duncan Smith, it's safe to say Mark can no longer use animals in his live performances. We have it on good authority that 2 of the hamsters are expected to make a full recovery, the third was sadly not so lucky.

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