Even though he started off as an electronic music artist 20 years ago, his music at some point led him through many genres producing songs for others. Eventually, life inevitably led him back to doing what he’s best at after having been away from the electronic music scene for almost 10 years. As a live artist, Professor Dictabeat creates and delivers a mixture of old school electro and acid house with a modern twist that keeps evolving. Through his dawless setup in combination with various electronic instruments, he strives to keep pushing musical boundaries while experimenting with new sounds proving that good music doesn’t only have to come from a laptop. Professor Dictabeat is always on top of the latest gear, experimenting with new tech and hardware,  to see how he can grow as an artist.  When asked about him going back to making electronic music, Professor Dictabeat says: “I didn’t set out to make electronic music. I strayed from it by choice, but was led back by fate. This is what I do, this is who I am.”