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Im from the southwest, UK. I got listening to dance music back when i was 14, then about a year or 2 later it progressed into UK Hardcore. A few year later Hardstyle / Hardtrance came along and I absolutely love this music and the power it has behind it. I love how it pumps the crowd up and the atmosphere it brings is awsome. I got into producingdance music about 2 years ago, its so interesting and so much is involved, I love playing around with the sounds that i have created. i have played at HDUK welcome to the jungle, Logic / Logic Festival. Bionic the grand finale, Dirtbox, Marc Smiths birthday bash, A is for ArdDance, Reaction, Hard Times / Firewall, 3Style and Inspiration. In the words of Rusty Nuttz, Keep It Rocking

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